NatureSeal® for Processors

What began with a formulation to keep cut apples from browning has matured into a unique and progressive line of produce industry products. Jointly developed with the USDA, NatureSeal's shelf-life extension technology formed a new market segment; the fresh-cut produce industry. Over the years, our research and development scientists have created an entire line of NatureSeal products that maintain the quality of a wide array of fresh-cut produce, for up to 21 days.

Other processor formulas:

NatureSeal is the pioneer of shelf-life extension technology for the produce industry and currently works with over 500 fresh-cut produce processors worldwide. New product development is a NatureSeal specialty and an area of expertise for our team of professionals.

Services Offered:

  • Establish quality specifications for incoming whole produce
  • Ensure slicing, treating and packaging equipment are optimally configured
  • Develop tailored protocols to meet specific requirements
  • Produce the finest quality cut fruits and vegetables possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment Manufacturers

NatureSeal® works closely with equipment manufacturers who lease and sell fresh-cut processing equipment.


Contact us if you need guidance getting your fresh-cut facility up and running efficiently or direction in fine tuning your current processes.  Let experienced industry professionals instruct you on today’s best fresh-cut practices.