NatureSeal for Foodservice

NatureSeal®, Inc. has developed two products for use within the foodservice industry that inhibit browning in fresh-cut produce.  Whether you need a few hours or several days of extended shelf life, NatureSeal will keep cut fruits and vegetables from oxidizing, without altering the natural flavor. These products are  wholesome vitamin and mineral blends containing no sulfites and are completely allergen-free.

For convenient, on-site preparation, slice and dice your fresh produce in-house using NatureSeal for foodservice.

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NatureSeal for Fresh-Cut Produce 

Maintains the fresh qualities of select fruits and vegetables after cutting, for up to two weeks. Protect your cut produce from browning, without altering the natural flavor.

NatureSeal for Guacamole & Avocado 

Inhibits the browning of sliced and diced avocado, and the mashed avocado pulp, used to make guacamole. Inhibits browning and maintains the fresh look. Take advantage of these benefits:

• Prep fresh produce days ahead of time
• Reduce waste
• Increase and diversify menu offerings

Interested in learning about distributors who currently carry our product line? Review our distributor list and contact details.

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