Processors FAQ

What is NatureSeal®?

NatureSeal is a patented blend of GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) vitamins and minerals that extend the shelf life of fresh-cut produce, up to 21 days. By inhibiting respiration and the oxidation process, fresh-cut produce can last longer on the shelf.

Which aspects of shelf life extension does NatureSeal protect?

NatureSeal maintains the natural texture and color of fresh-cut produce for up to 21 days, without altering the flavor.

What produce items can be treated with NatureSeal?

The NatureSeal line of products include a wide variety of fresh-cut fruit and vegetables, with 30+ different formulations. Contact us for specific information.

What effect, if any, do our NatureSeal products have on microbial growth?

Microbial growth is a function of the overall sanitary conditions of the processing plant and the microbial load of the whole fruit or vegetable. Most NatureSeal products do not control microbial growth. Testing shows that a slowing of the microbial growth is somewhat achieved but not significant.

Do I need Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) to achieve the extended shelf life benefits?

MAP is not necessary for NatureSeal to work effectively. You have a wide choice of packaging and most are acceptable when using NatureSeal. Work with the NatureSeal technical staff in choosing viable packaging for your cut produce.

How are NatureSeal products applied?

The cut produce is typically dipped in a NatureSeal solution. Delicate fruit such as avocados can be treated using a spray method, as to avoid damage or bruising. In addition, in certain applications NatureSeal can be used as a dry ingredient (i.e. guacamole, pesto, etc.)

Does NatureSeal affect the taste of fresh-cut produce?

No, NatureSeal does not impart any aftertaste. We have received gold medals from The American Masters of Taste acknowledging that we offer a high quality product that solves the oxidation issues with sliced produce, while not altering the flavor profile.

How is NatureSeal packaged and what is the shelf life?

NatureSeal is available in a dry, powered form. When properly stored away from excess light or moisture, NatureSeal will last 1-3 years, depending on the specific product.

What concentration level of NatureSeal should I use to treat cut produce?

Quantities of NatureSeal vary depending upon the size of your tank and the type of produce treated. We can develop specific protocols based on your requirements.

Which factors can affect the results of using NatureSeal?

  • Produce variety and whole fruit quality has a major impact on performance. You must start with high quality produce in order to yield quality cut fruit.
  • A sharp cutting blade is necessary for optimal results.
  • Proper sanitation practices should be implemented in your fresh-cut process.