NatureSeal® allows processors in the frozen produce industry to capture and retain the natural flavor qualities of farm fresh produce that is picked at the peak of ripeness.

Our variety of fresh frozen formulations maintains the texture and appearance of freshly picked fruit. With the use of our formulas, there is no need to worry about changes in the natural flavor or nutritional value, as the fruit is left unaltered.  NatureSeal locks in the naturally occurring sugars and nutrition, allowing the fruit to retain its healthy properties and avoiding syrups or sodium as preservation tactics.

Shelf life once thawed:

  1.        Several hours at ambient temperature
  2.        Several days refrigerated                            


NatureSeal formulations for fresh-frozen are:

  • FDA-approved vitamin/mineral blends     
  • Sulfite-free
  • GRAS ingredients
  • Allergen-free (no harsh chemicals) 
  • Kosher certified


With the use of NatureSeal’s fresh frozen formulas, the possibilities for use are endless. Some suggestions for use are:

  1.      Pie applications
  2.      Pastries
  3.      Fruit tarts
  4.      Frozen desserts
  5.      Yogurt topping
  6.      Smoothies

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