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Valentine's Day Snacks

Need to come up with something fast for a Valentine’s Day themed classroom snack? We’ve got some healthy and fast alternatives that will help prevent you from walking down the candy aisle the night before.

Apple Slice Donuts by Courtney’s Sweets

Who doesn’t love donuts? Why not take them to the next level (or healthy level in this case) by incorporating some apple slices. Decide which thickness you want your “donuts” to be, add some frosting and let the little ones go crazy with the sprinkles! Can we suggest lots and lots of reds and pinks?

Hearts In An Apple Sandwich

This recipe is one of our favorites. It’s easy and requires very few ingredients and little time at all! Just cut some apple slices up, remove the center using a heart shaped cookie cutter, and add your favorite toppings with peanut butter. We told you that you’d love it!

Heart Fruit Kabobs by Parents Magazine

Really, how can you go wrong with these heart shaped fruit kabobs? Pick your favorite fruits to make this recipe as personalized and colorful as you want it.

Apple Love Bugs by Eats Amazing

Half an apple, a handful of black grapes, and a set of edible eyes make for an extra cute (and extra easy) Valentine’s Day snack both the adults and the kids can get behind. Get the kiddos involved by having them help cut out the heart shaped spots! They’ll have a blast bugging out, while you get to cherish the extra hands.

Heart Eye Emoji Fruit Salad by What Moms Love

Emojis are the newest way to show someone how you feel, and we are totally heart eye emoji-ing all over this adorable snack idea!

TIP: Instead of using lemon juice, which alters the flavor of the apple slices, grab a packet of Natureseal to prevent the apples from browning after assembling. Not only does it leave that apple taste, but NatureSeal lasts up to 14 days!

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