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Travel Treats

Travel Treats

Spring break is on its way and that means traveling! Rather than shoveling out money for fast food on long car rides or spending money at the expensive food stands at the airport, try packing your own travel snacks!

No snack packing strategy yet? Don’t fret, we have a snack packing strategy that will send your wallet on a vacation!

Travel Pig

Make a List

Before you head to your local grocery store, plan out what snacks you are going to look for. Make a list so you can stay on budget and prevent yourself from forgetting ingredients. Packing a suitcase can get hectic, so list making will help you remember ingredients. Check out a few recipes before you go:

Grocery Store Trip

When you arrive at your local grocery store, stay away from prepackaged foods. While they may be a quick snack to grab, they contain many preservatives, which will not help you fuel up when you are on the go. Remember that some healthy snacks come in their own natural “package” such as clementine and apples. Checking the items off your list makes you one step closer to VACATION!


Travel Snack Packs

The last thing you need during a long car ride is an unexpected mess to clean up. Prevent spilling by finding the perfect containers for your food. Small containers are perfect for salad dressing, while other multi compartment containers are great for keeping a variety of snacks within reach.


Prepped for Travel

Your bags are packed and ready to go, but what about your snacks? It is helpful if you prep your treats the night before so you can grab them and get on the road to your destination! Wash your veggies, whip up your protein bars, make your salad with the dressing on the side and pack them up so they are ready to go in the morning.

tupperware on table for meal prep

On the Road Again

It is the day of departure, and all you need to do is load up your bags, grab your treats and kick back. When you are needing energy on that long drive or cravings hit in the airport terminal, you have your travel treats ready to fuel you up! Safe travels!