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Top 5 Healthier Alternatives to Your Favorite Unhealthy Dishes

Eating healthy can be a difficult challenge, especially when you have constant cravings for sugary goodness.

A great strategy to fall out of this bad habit is to replace your cheat-day cravings with just as tasty options without the post-snack guilt. Here some of our favorite healthy food alternatives that you can make to put you on the right track to eating right!

1. Fruit Pizza

Pizza is one of the most popular foods that people just can’t seem to get enough of.  Not only is it packed with calories but unhealthy fats and sodium. There’s really no way to slice it: pizza is just not a healthy choice on any given day!

There is a solution!  Thanks to recipe by House of Nash Eats, you can make yourself a substitute that keep you looking and feeling good. With a cookie crust and cream cheese topping, you can arrange you fruits to how you see fit. NatureSeal works amazing with the sliced peaches in the ingredient list, keeping them looking and tasting great for longer! Try it out!

2. Apple Slice Cookies

Cookies are any easy snack to indulge in, all it takes is a tray of home-baked cookies freshly made from the ovens to give up on any healthy goals in a second. Nothing can quite substitute the sugar-filled treat, but there is a close second option!

Happy Mom Hacks has provided a very simple, but delightful recipe that can turn everyday apples slices into their own version of chocolate chip cookies! After you’ve kept the sliced apples from browning with NatureSeal solutions, you spread some peanut butter on top of the slice and sprink some almonds and chocolate chips. That’s it! 

3. Avocado Toast

Toast with the morning eggs and coffee just isn’t the same without a slab of fatty butter, same as toasted cheese with a light-packing tomato soup lunch. If you want to another simple, trendy alternative, the good ol’ avocado can save the day!

All the ingredients that are required for this recipe provided by the awesome Fannetastic Food is your basic toast and avocado that you mash into a spread, that was mixed with the NatureSeal Fresh-Cut Produce Extender for Avocados to keep it looking vibrant and fresh. Add some salt and pepper, and you are good to go!

4. No-Bake Pear Tart

Whether it’s at a cookout or at a holiday dinner, high-calorie pies seem to top off all our unheathly cravings. The folks at E.A. Stewart provided an ingredient list for a No-Bake Pear Tart snack to a fruit-filled alternative to some fatty desserts.

Most of the prep will have you blending cashew nuts, coconut milk, and maple syrup until they are smooth. You will then place the spices on the ingredient list in small bowl aside, and then prepare a tart crust with walnuts, pecans, maple syrup, coconut oil, chai spice, and a bit of salt.

Topped with pears that you can extend their freshness with NatureSeal, and yourself a healthy dessert for almost any occasion!

5. No-Bake Apple Chips

Potato chips are another convenient option that are filled with saturated fats and high in sodium, always going great with parties and lounging time. Paleohacks not only provides a healthier alternative, but this No Bake Apple Chip recipe really packs in the flavor!

Slice the apples and arrange them on a large plate, making sure to have them mixed with NatureSeal Fresh-Cut Produce Extenders to keep them looking fresh as you serve them.  Smear one of the sides of the apple slices with almond butter, and sprinkle chopped nuts and fruit on top of the apple slices. You can add pecans, almond slices, unsweetened cranberries, dark chocolate, pomegranate arils, and unsweetened coconut flakes. Try out all the combinations if you’d like!

When it comes to making a healthier choice, it’s important to plan. With NatureSeal Extenders, you can store you fresh-cut produce and keep them looking crisp at a moment's notice. Don’t sell yourself short, a healthy diet and lifestyle can be made simple with few more steps in your recipes.  Always be ready for alternative option!