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Three Foodservice Trends to Expect Going Forward in 2021

The foodservice industry has evolved exponentially within the last year, making strides to keeping quality-control and safety standards the highest priority in the wake of 2020’s health initiative. It is important for every competitive industry, especially foodservice providers, to be able to adapt to new strategies to keep business on track.  

With such rapid change, it is sometimes hard to forecast every innovation. We have compiled a list of current staples you can find in the foodservice industry!  

Online Delivery and Curbside Pick-Up  


Dining services continue to expand from the place of business to the customer’s front door!  

Online delivery has been an option for years now from select restaurants and third parties, but they have sky-rocketed in popularity in the last year. According to NRN, 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout at least once a week. The driving demand for food delivery services were traditionally traced to convenience but has now been an important health measure.   

Delivery also equaled in popularity with curbside pick-up popping up across all online-ordering industries where customers can avoid having to enter potential crowded spaces. This will present itself as repeating theme across the trends in the foodservice industry as to keep the needs of customers in mind with each precaution.     

Safety Signage and Preventative Measures  

In 2020, ‘social distancing’ entered the vernacular of the global culture and embedded many preventative steps and measures that the foodservice industry took very seriously. With hand sanitizer dispensers, floor and eye-level signage, shields, and masks, there was no expense spared to offer workers and customers a peace of mind. In a busy, unpredictable environment like a restaurant, concise and clear directions are essential.   

Some industries even went with a more ‘hands-off’ approach to payment processing with unique digital service customer tools to ensure even more safety. As mentioned in the previous trend, foodservice will continue to veer toward these types of measures as more innovation begins to become mainstream.   



Preventing food waste has been an issue many years and there has been extensive development to help tackle the ongoing problem, a solution being NatureSeal! Restaurants will keep close records of their inventory and track excess food to help prevent any loss in both quantity and cost.   

The food service industry can also work to feed those who need it the most. According to the National Restaurant Association, one in six Americans are in need of food assistance. It would be an extra step that could mean the world to your community and the people you can help in 2021.   

NatureSeal For FoodService   

NatureSeal for FoodService will continue providing fresh-cut produce innovations to the foodService industry, inhibiting browning on select fruits and vegetables for longerWith a mission of food waste prevention and healthy lifestyle diets, coupled with prepping meals and sustainable menu options, culinary industry leaders have raved about their fresh-cut fruits and veggies. Adding NatureSeal solutions to your foodService practices is the key to fresher looking cut-produce for up to one week! 

What other foodservice trends have been catching your attention? Leave your comment below.