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Super Bowl Snacks

It’s almost Super Bowl weekend! Whether your team made the cut or not, we’ve got some appetizer suggestions that will make you the true champion of hosting.

Buffalo Chicken Celery Sticks by Evolving Table

You can’t have game day without raising the heat with some buffalo chicken dip. But ditch those tortilla chips for some extra healthy crunch by crafting some celery stick boats. Serve them warm or chilled. The best thing about this? Evolving Table already put these to the “man test” to make sure that the boys won’t be too distracted by the green hiding under the dip.

Chicken & Guac Football Field by Space Ships and Laser Beams

Now this recipe will give you points for creativity and style. All you have to do is whip up some of that classic guacamole dip, spread it evenly in a flat dish, and line with sour cream for a perfectly striped football field. Chicken or veggie sticks, honestly you can’t go wrong with either for this dip.

Cauliflower Buffalo Bites by Good Dinner Mom

Craving that buffalo chicken wings flavor but without the calories that come with them? Try this healthy alternative that’s sure to give the classic a good rush to the end zone. These are also a great option to have to make sure your Super Bowl party is vegetarian friendly!

Individual Seven Layer Dips by The Girl Who Ate Everything

This is one way to avoid the double dipping! Plastic or glass, throw these seven layer dips together just in time for the teams to arrive. Clean up is quick and simple, letting you enjoy the halftime show instead of trailing behind people snacking in the kitchen.

And to keep all your wonderful game day appetizers looking their best, mix in some NatureSeal to prevent browning. Grab yourself some on Amazon today!