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Spooky Snacks to Get You Ready for Your Next Halloween Party

Now that we are officially in October, it’s time to start planning out that Halloween party you’ve been looking forward to all year! 

Guest lists and costume ideas may come later, but it’s never too early to start thinking about food ideas that will make your party memorable. The rule of thumb for a successful Halloween dish: the more creative, the better! 

Apple and Almond Butter Alien Smiles 

Apples make a great treat for all your autumn get-togethers. Thanks to this dish provided by Abbey’s Kitchen, you can dress them up to fit your Halloween theme, too! Slice your apples into wedges, smearing both sides with almond butter that will act like glue.  

With some sunflower seeds and a strawberry slice, your little monster snack is nearly finished! Just apply some marshmallows on one end of a couple toothpicks and place them on top of your stacked wedges.  

Adding NatureSeal’s Fresh-Cut produce Extender solutions in the crisp apple slices will keep your apple alien snack looking extra-fresh for the whole night! 


Black bean tortilla chips and your favorite guacamole recipe can make for an awesome combination! With a design by the wonderful recipe database Taste of Home and bit your own creativity, you can make your own monster mash called the FrankenGuac! 

Once you have basic outline by creating a face with a spoon and placing your tortilla chips above the guacamole, you can decorate the face with sour cream, refried beans, and olives. Make your Frankenstein as silly or as scary as you want, just make sure to mix NatureSeal into the avocado pulp so your guac doesn’t scare your guests away! 

Mummy Celery Sticks 

Celery sticks stuffed with different combinations always seem be a crowd pleaser at party events. See how your guests wrap their head around Mummy celery sticks that will sure be something they’ve never seen before! Be sure to check out Diabetic Foodie for in-depth instruction on more fantastic recipes! 

After you’ve prepared your sliced celery sticks with NatureSeal, pipe cream cheese in-between the wedge. After you’ve done that, criss-cross thin turkey slices on the cream cheese, tucking the slices under the celery wedge. Cut up some small cranberries and use them as mummy eyes. 

It may take some patience to get it just right, but in the end, it’ll be worth crafting this healthy snack for your guests! 


Ghost-Shaped Pears 

No autumn snack list is totally complete without some pear recipes on the menu! With a couple ingredients, you can make your pears look ghoulish and still taste great! 

Cut your pear slices that you prepared with NatureSeal into ghostly shapes, trimming them as delicately as you can. Scoop out some circles where you will place raisins of eyes. It’s as simple as that! 

Don’t be afraid to add extra ingredients like cinnamon or caramel dipping to really liven up your haunted appetizer! Thanks to Mom Behind the Curtain for the recipe and all their family-friendly snacks they provide! 


Witch Broomstick 

Another simple recipe provided by healthy lifestyle blog Reclaim Optimal Health for your Halloween party just involves some carrots, string cheese, and chives to make a witch’s broomstick! No cauldron required! 

Cut your string cheese into a mop shape and place it on top of a sliced carrot stick. Tie some chive around the string cheese and cut any extra that may be hanging off the tie.  

The sliced carrot stick can keep its vibrant orange color if you use NatureSeal solutions prior to crafting your broomstick snack. Don’t let your hard work go to waste! 

In just a few steps, you can make ordinary produce look like tasty Halloween decorations. Every cool, spooky food tray you put together will create memories for years to come; your next tradition is just a recipe away! 

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