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Spooky Snacks for All Ages

Mark your calendars, because Halloween is right around the corner! Costumes, parties and candy galore-it’s time to start thinking about what treats you’re going to make to get your family in the festive mood. Keeping it simple and healthy, here’s some of our favorite Halloween snack alternatives to candy that are so good, it’s scary!

Swap out the classic ants on a log with some itsy-bitsy spiders for a spooky Halloween twist. Same as the original recipe, these call for cut celery sticks overloaded with peanut butter. Only difference being that this version from Chelsea’s Messy Apron features mini dark chocolate spiders for a little bit of sweetness.
Get your bug fix here.

What better way to get your kids to snack on something healthy than by hiding it with some sweets! With those mini marshmallows sandwiched between two apple slices, kids will be chomping at the bit to snack on these Apple Peanut Butter Teeth from Mom Foodie.
Sink your teeth into this recipe here.

And if scary isn’t really your thing, then these Silly Apple Bites from Fork & Beans should be right up your alley! Did we mention these are allergen-free? No nuts, no gluten, no soy!
Don't be silly, find this recipe here.

Make sure to keep those apple slices from browning by tossing them in some NatureSeal before assembling.

Rather than leaving a boring bowl of guacamole out for the dipping, use this cute idea to dress that plate up into something spooky! Kids won’t be able to keep their paws off this Frankenguac by Dine and Dish.
Find this monster of a dish here.

Gross the kids (and the adults) out with this Barfing Pumpkin Guacamole side dish by Somewhat Simple. You’ll have people laughing so hard from disgust, they won’t even hesitate before grabbing some chips and scooping some up!
Don't lose your lunch, find this recipe here!

Prevent your monster turning from green to brown by mixing in 1 packet of NatureSeal in your guacamole.

Show off your frighteningly kid-friendly food creations on our social media channels by tagging us or using #NatureSeal! We can’t wait to see what come up with.