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Recipes For Memorial Day

With Memorial Day being this weekend, we’re sure your plates are full of party prep and decorating. Why worry about what’s on the menu? We put together some of our favorite festive snacks to make sure your time is better spent where it needs to be- Enjoying your company!

Red, White, & Blue Slaw Salad by Grounded and Surrounded

Red, White, & Blue Slaw Salad

This BBQ friendly slaw salad combines two of our favorite things: veggies and fruits! A combination of apples, blueberries, red peppers and slaw, this side dish provides just the amount of savory and sweet to have your guests hungry for more.

Red, White and Blue Fruit Salad by Life Made Simple

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Red, White and Blue Fruit Salad

It’s not a party unless there’s some fruit salad in our opinion. Make this tradition a bit more festive with some cookie cutter stars. This recipe includes pineapple stars, but we’re thinking apple cut outs will do the trick!

Memorial Day Taco Bites by Pursuit of Shoes

Memorial Day Taco Bites

Who doesn’t love tacos? Make them bite sized, and they make for the perfect poolside appetizer! This is our new favorite version of the seven-layer taco dip.

Southwest Black Bean Burger by Running In A Skirt

Southwest Black Bean Burger

Sick of grilling season being just cheeseburgers and hotdogs? Running In A Skirt took a new spin on this classic cookout tradition by making homemade Southwest Black Bean Burgers topped with guac. The vegetarians in your family will be thanking you!

Avocado Fudge Pops by Uproot Kitchen

Avocado Fudge Pops

Have some left over avocados and looking to make the most out of them? These Avocado Fudge Pops are creamy and just the right amount of chocolate to keep you cool during the summer months. Really, what’s better than a day spent in the pool followed by an icy, refreshing treat?

Sugar Free Patriotic Pretzel Salad by Nicole Is

sugar free patriotic pretzel salad

Sometimes dessert is best served cold. These Patriotic Pretzel Salad mason jars make serving and clean up quick and easy. Sugar free and packed with fresh fruits, these jar desserts are totally kid friendly.

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