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Memorial Day: A Time to Reflect and Remember

Memorial Day is the unofficial kickoff party to the summer season. It’s the start to cookout season, where the grill becomes your cooking unit of choice, the deck or patio becomes your kitchen table, friends and family gather, and every type of salad and condiment is scattered about the table. Yet, as we fire up the grills and bring out the salads, it is also a time to reflect on and to remember all of the brave men and women who have dedicated their time or given their lives in military service. A time to honor their dedication and efforts to protect the people and liberty of our great nation and the world as a whole.

Traditions to Honor

As you decorate your homes with red, white and blue, there are a few special ways that you can honor those who are currently serving in the military, veterans and fallen soldiers. The article, [*5 Ways to Honor Veterans and Military on Memorial Day*][2], suggests some traditions that you can make a part of your yearly celebrations.

1. National Moment of Remembrance
Set a reminder for 3 P.M. on Memorial Day to give a moment of silence to all those soldiers who have given up their lives in duty.

2. Attend a Memorial Day Parade
Show your support by honoring those who have served in the military by attending or volunteering at local parades.

3. Send a Thank You Letter
Those who are currently serving aren’t able to gather with their friends and family on many holidays. Send them a thank you letter to let military
personnel know how much they are appreciated on Memorial Day and every day.

4. Visit a National Cemetery
There are over 100 National Cemeteries across the U.S. that you can visit. As a token of thankfulness, place flowers or small flags at gravesites and take a moment of silence to
remember the fallen.

5. Volunteer your Time
Volunteer with the [VA Voluntary Service][5] Show community support to veterans who have served our country.

As a dedication to those who have fought for the freedom of all those who are so fortunate to reside in our great country, we must take time to recognize their sacrifices and our blessings.

What other ways do you show your thanks and support to our service men and women during Memorial Day? Leave your comments below.