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Make Catering Your Next Best Priority

With a shift to delivery services in 2020 as a health initiative, now more than ever is it crucial to be prepared to provide five-star convenience for your customers! From compact lunch boxes for carry-out to on-demand applications, innovative methods are still being implemented to make catering simple. Now is a perfect time to make a good impression on quality foodservice.  

What are the first steps to setting up your catering service, and what will you need to avoid any pitfalls that may occur in the fast-moving, unpredictable catering environment? These are just a few basic tips you will need that can make all the difference! 

Weigh the Options of Your Service 

Though full-service catering is thought to be an on-site buffet, there are several options to consider if party-planning is halted throughout the year. Lunch boxes for carry-out and drop-off have been trending and especially popular with delivery services who need stackable, organized storage for their route. If there are third party delivery services you must register for, that takes in another consideration on how you want the food to be presented and handled to your customers.  

One of the practical decisions you can make, whether you decide full-service or delivery service, is to keep the catering menu simple. Making high-maintenance recipes can work in a small, traditional meal setting, but trying to prepare these recipes into a larger operation will surely cause problems when time is of the essence. Efficiency will be key! 

Pricing and Preparation 

Pricing and cost to run your service is where keeping track of your budget will be most critical! The type of packaging, transportation, and additional expenses will all need to be accounted for as you take on catering. Being aware of the industry’s pricing for their services is also a good tactic. 

You want to be prepared for any scenario, including large party orders and expedited deliveries. This means having the best equipment for your service, adequate cooking space and wares, and enough workers to maintain high-traffic hours.  

Get Noticed! 

Implementing a marketing campaign to raise awareness about your catering service cannot be forgotten! This can be something be as simple as leaflets or a full-fledged social media strategy with a target audience in mind. Even email marketing can prove to be effective to, at the very least, give your brand a new identity.  

Make sure to have goals in mind when implementing any marketing campaign with quantifiable measures to determine success. The more effective your campaign, the more people will have you in mind when ordering! 

How NatureSeal Helps  

NatureSeal has developed two foodservice products that will keep your fresh-cut produce looking fresh for longer! NatureSeal for Fresh-Cut Produce maintains fresh qualities of select fruits and veggies, while NatureSeal for Guacamole & Avocado inhibits the browning of sliced avocado and mashed avocado pulp! As hectic as a catering service can be, NatureSeal allows for days of prep time, all the while diversifying your menu options. Fresh is simple with Natureseal!  

What stories do you have when you start catering? Please comment below.