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Maintaining Fruit Appearance

Maintaining the appearance of fresh fruits and veggies is an important step in food preparation.  

After the first slice, it only takes a few minutes for your produce to start browning. With NatureSeal, you can keep your produce looking fresh and ready-to-go when you are. Not only will you avoid discoloring, but your food will just look better for longer, too! 

NatureSeal can help the appearance of many choice produce options:  


A household favorite, and a reliable choice for a quick breakfast or lunch, apples are packed with exactly what you need! Not only can they lower your blood pressure and prevent heart complications, but they contain strong antioxidants for bolstered immunity.  

Unfortunately, after one slice, apples tend to brown within five to ten minutes. NatureSeal’s Fresh-Cut Produce Extender effectively solves this, keeping your apple slices looking fresh for up to one week! 


One of the more versatile fruits on this list, avocados are probably the trendiest pick among vegans and vegetarians! Whether you are mashing them for your favorite guacamole recipe or simply seasoning them with salt and pepper, you know you are getting important nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, and vitamin E with every bite.  

Sustain your colorful avocados and utilize the many options you have with the NatureSeal for Guacamole and Avocado. You’ll have all the time in the world to try out your recipes with your already sliced avocados, all the while they’ll continue to look fresh! 


No lunchbox is complete without a crunchy veggie like celery. Celery’s greatest characteristic is it’s a natural dipping shape, going great with ranch, peanut butter, or even topped with buffalo chicken! Not only does it taste good, but it can help aid digestion, lower inflammation, and can reduce high cholesterol. 

NatureSeal products can help you plan ahead a colorful spread for friends and family for any occasion! The more creative, the better! 

Raw Carrots 

Carrots are another staple in the traditional lunchbox and are one of the healthiest options you can choose for your mid-day break! As a good source of potassium, antioxidants and fiber, you can improve your cholesterol and eye health with just a few servings.  

Carrots are the perfect on-the-go veggie, keeping a vibrant orange all day with the help of NatureSeal! If you need any dip ideas to pair with your fresh-cut carrots, you can always try almond butter, ranch, peanut butter, or even guacamole! 


Pears can also be a delicious addition to any afternoon or evening snack! This tasty fruit contains an abundance of antioxidants including copper and vitamin C, not to mention they encourage detoxification. The perfect pear acts like a protector to you and your health! 

Cinnamon and honey make for complementary pairings that can really make your fruit shine. NatureSeal will keep them looking fresh for up to one week, keeping them more delectable for your recipes! 

Keeping produce looking fresh is as simple as planning ahead with NatureSeal! If your mornings are hectic, you can take care of breakfast and lunch the night before. If you want ready-cut fruits and veggies for your recipes to stay fresh for longer, NatureSeal’s Fresh-Cut Produce Extender has you covered. Your pantry isn’t complete without NatureSeal! 

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