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How to Use Fresh-Cut Produce Extender Packets

*Thumbnail image courtesy of Tasha from Designer Trapped.

Getting your family to eat healthy is hard enough without having your produce go bad before you can eat all of it. No one wants to keep buying the same foods repeatedly because the last batch went bad too quickly.

Introducing our easier to use Fresh-Cut Produce Extender packets.

NatureSeal fresh cut solutions package

These packets inhibit browning in fresh-cut produce for up to a week! Each box has ten individual powder packets that give you enough product to treat up to three pounds of produce, including apples, carrots, celery, peaches and pears.

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • 1 packet of Fresh-Cut Produce Extender
  • Measuring cup
  • Knife
  • Resealable gallon bag
  • Storage container

Now onto the step-by-steps:

STEP 1: Wash your produce in cold water.

STEP 2: Pour 1/2 cup of cold water into your resealable gallon bag, and add in 1 full packet of Fresh-Cut Produce Extender. Seal the bag completely. Shake well to dissolve the solution.

STEP 3: Cut your produce, being sure to remove all cores or pits. Place your fresh-cut produce into the solution-filled bag. Seal and shake until you've covered all of the pieces.

STEP 4: Drain and place the produce into a storage container or bag for safe keeping.

STEP 5: Pop it in the fridge, and snack away for the next week! 

You can find Fresh-Cut Produce Extender packets on Amazon! Let us know how us know how it works for you and your family on social media with #freshmadesimpler.

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