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Halloween Themed Snacks

Halloween is here and that means candy on the brain. Even though candy seems to be October’s food of the month, some of us are trying to be strong and stay healthy by avoiding that sugar. Easier said than done, we know it.

Here are some festive and fun ways to make sure you and your kids stay eating healthy this month before reaching into that trick-or-treat bag for goodies.

Witches Broomsticks by Cincy Shopper

Ingredients: cheese sticks, chives, and pretzels

Directions: Cut the fringe at the bottom of the cheese to form the broom bristles. Tie your small chive around the uncut portion of the cheese. Finally, put your pretzel on the top to make your broom handle, and get spooky.

 Jack-o-lanterns and Ghosts by Flo and Grace

Ingredients: clementine, bananas, chocolate chips, and celery

Directions: Have your kiddos make a little jack-o-lantern using a peeled clementine and putting a tiny celery stalk in the top. Peel the bananas and cut them in half. Add chocolate chips for eyes, and you’ve got yourself some ghosts!

 Jack-o-Lantern Explosion by: Hello Fresh

Ingredients: pineapple, watermelon, any other fruit you want

Directions: Cut your melon like you’d cut your pumpkin, but this time you are going to want to save your “guts”. Cut up your other fruits along with your watermelon. Arrange them on your plate and snack away if you're not too "grossed out".

 Skeleton Veggie Man by Feeding Four Little Monkeys

Ingredients: peppers of any color, broccoli, baby tomatoes, celery, mushrooms, carrots, lettuce, cucumber, cauliflower, and your favorite veggie dip

Directions: Cut your veggies into the appropriate lengths to make the bones of the skeleton. Arrange them in your veggie man formation. Grab and dip.

To keep your fresh produce from turning into an actual scary situation grab yourself some NatureSeal Fresh-Cut to help inhibit browning prior to eating.

Show off your spooky snacks on social media using #NatureSeal! Can’t wait to see what your creations end up looking like.

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