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Fresh Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving means trying to please a variety of palates, which is not always possible. We’re here to help with some fresh ideas that will leave your guests taste buds tickled, and possibly garner you a lot of requests for recipes!

There are so many traditional Thanksgiving side dishes, but sometimes the non-traditional can be just as good (and in our opinion, prettier!)

Avocado Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash by Love & Lemons

This Avocado lime tart will look gorgeous in your pie line up, but it has a hidden secret – it’s vegan, gluten free, and is richer than cheesecake. You can’t lose with this one.

Raw Avocado Lime Tart by Nutrition Stripped

These are just pretty. So pretty you may not want to eat them, but you should, because they taste even better than they look. What better way to kick off your meal than with some gorgeous costini?

Whipped Feta Avocado Crostini With Pomegranate by Ambitious Kitchen

This is the cutest appetizer we have ever seen. You’ll have to encourage your guests to eat it, because they won’t want to destroy your masterpiece! They should though, because the caramel dip that goes along with it is to die for!

Caramel Apple Turkey Plate by Handmade In The Heartland

Everyone has tons of leftover turkey, it’s just how thanksgiving goes. Make sure it gets gobbled up by putting together some sandwiches that will help fuel your black Friday shopping trips.

Grilled Turkey, Cheddar and Apple Sandwiches by MyRecipes

The picky kids in your life deserve some Thanksgiving fun as well – here are two recipes from Parenting that will please the pickiest of them all:

Kids' DIY Turkey Muffins

Carrot and Pumpkin Turkey Snack

All of these recipes call for some sort of fruit of vegetable that has a tendency to brown. Keep that from happening with help from NatureSeal:

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