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Fresh Salads & Apple Slices

Salads: you can add just about anything to them. Berries, nuts, veggies, cheese and APPLES! Yes, you heard us right-Apples. With your abundance of apples laying around this fall (we know you hit up that orchard more than once), why not add them everywhere, starting with salads. Here’s a few ideas for a little inspiration, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll be coming up with your own combos in no time!

Autumn Kale Apple & Quinoa Salad by Cooking Classy

When you can’t decide if you want greens or fruit, you just mix them both together and top it with cranberries! Leave it up to Cooking Classy to help you get that “apple a day” in. That’s a win in our book!

Spiralized Apple Salad With Citrus Dressing by Jessica Gavin

Just when we thought you couldn’t spiralize anything else, Jessica Gavin had to go and prove us wrong. Send a few apples through your spiralizer, add your favorite toppings, and just like that you’ve got yourself a spiralized apple salad!

Harvest Apple Salad With Pomegranate by Yummy Mummy Kitchen

We know what you’re thinking, THIS is a salad? How convenient is it that you can eat straight out of your apple bowl and then eat it? Can you say no dishes! Yummy Mummy Kitchen was really thinking when they made this one.

Candied Almond & Mandarin Salad by Chelsea's Messy Apron

The go-to fruits have now made it on to the go-go salad toppings list. Apples and oranges give you that sweet kick you didn’t know you wanted on your salad. Once you try this salad, you’ll never not put apples on your salad again.

Apple Feta Salad by Cooking Classy

Yeah, that’s right, this salad has bacon on it! Cooking Classy knew what they were doing when they threw this hearty salad together. If your taste buds love the sweet and salty combo, then this is the salad for you! The sweet apples balance out the salty bacon just right.

To keep your salads looking as good as they taste, just use NatureSeal on those apples to keep them from browning! Grab yourself some at Amazon