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Buying Organic Fruits and Veggies

One of the trendiest grocery options on the market is buying organic produce. Studies have shown that organic fruits and vegetables have many upsides, including an increase in nutrients, omega 3-fatty acids, and less toxic metals and pesticide residue according to the Mayo Clinic. 

Many organic fruits and veggies that are staples in everyone’s fridge can be treated with NatureSeal Fresh-Cut Produce Extender to keep them looking fresh for longer! Here are some you can try: 


One of the cleanest organic fruits you can choose for your grocery list is the ever so reliable avocado! With a lesser amount of pesticide residue versus its conventional counterpart, studies have linked higher consumption of organic foods to lower urinary pesticide levels, improved fertility and birth outcomes, reduced incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and lower BMI cited by the Environmental Working Group 

Avocados can match-up with many different dishes, leaving you with a variety of unique recipes to choose. A fan-favorite recipe for many avocado enthusiasts is the Taco Stuffed Avocado perfected by The Recipe Critic, combining tasty taco ingredients inside a fresh avocado. NatureSeal for Guacamole & Avocado will prevent browning of sliced avocados for up to ten hours, giving you more than enough time to enjoy this fantastic recipe! 


Organic apples can make for a very healthy snack during any time of the day! On the other hand, non-organically grown apples have more pesticide residue on it than any other fruit or vegetable. The sweet tasting flavor and the prospect of not having this fruit grow within an abundance of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides makes the organic choice the best option on the market. 

If you’re looking for some recipes for your organic sliced apples treated with NatureSeallook no further than a Chocolate-Rasberry Apple Slice recipe by Alberta Co-opEnjoy this simple recipe knowing your delicious apples are fresher and healthier than the conventional apple! 


Speaking of the conventional fruits and veggies at stores that have pesticide problems, the crunchy celery stick isn’t an exception! According to the EWG, in terms of the numbers of chemicals in a piece of produce, celery was the worst due to their porous stalks. It only makes sense then to find celery grown in the most natural conditions. 

Another simple but delicious recipe that you can make as a quick side for your afternoon lunch, Stuffed Celery published by a Southern Soul will make your organic celery sticks even tastier! With the NatureSeal Fresh-Cut Produce Extender, you can make a big batch of stuffed celery knowing you will have fresh-green, organic stalks for up to one week without browning! 


The juicy peach has many health benefits, packed with essential vitamins and fiber. However, the conventional peach needs further inspection! According to“there have been more than 60 different pesticides found on the surface of peaches”. Even the canned servings made for quick lunches has this problem. Buying organic seems like the clear winner here! 

Nothing completes a quite completes a summer like a good peach recipe. Luckily for you, we have a good one! The Summer Caprese Salad by BlogLovin’  has just the right amount of crunch and freshness that will make you dream of sunshine and midsummer skies. Treated with NatureSeal, your peaches will look appetizing for longer, too! 


An organic pear can make for an important part of your diet, especially you if you rely on their fiber, vitamins and beneficial plant compounds. For those who enjoy their pears and the outer skin layer that contains many of these healthy elements, the most environmentally conscience farming practice is a must for your produceYou should only want the best for you and your family! 

Treated with NatureSeal Fresh-Cut solutions, you can keep your pears looking fresh, inhibiting browning for up to one week. With this next tasty snack, you’ll want them looking for fresh for longer, for sure! Chocolate Dipped Pears by Around the Family Table will make even your kids happy to eat some fruit. This recipe can make any occasion feel special! 

The best environmental and health option for fruit and veggie lovers seem to point toward organic. Take the mystery out of your favorite produce and look into specific brands and markets that carry only the freshest, most natural groceries; your health and taste buds will thank you! 

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