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A Guide to Buying In-Season Fruit and Veggies

A Guide to Buying In-Season Fruit and Veggies:

Picking the right fruit and vegetables at your local supermarket can be a tough choice. Not only are you on a budget, but you want to make sure you are getting the most freshness out of your purchase. Did you know if you buy your produce when they are in season, you can save some money? That’s why thinking ahead is key!

With so many options to choose from, the perfect pick may be a bit daunting. There’s a right and wrong time to buy certain fruits and veggies, and thankfully with autumn just around the corner, it’s time to start searching for the right produce that will be ripe and taste great! 


A NatureSeal favorite, apples are a great on-the-go snack, filled with heart and cholesterol health benefits. The fall season is the perfect time to start buying and storing apples as they are in season by September. That means all your fall, apple-centric recipes can be made on a discount! 

When you start your search for the most flavorful apple, look for the smaller apples because they seem to pack the best punch in terms of taste. You will also want to search for firm, unbruised apples for the ripest quality. NatureSeal can help keep your apples looking fresh after your first slice!



Another autumn staple, pears. They are a tasty option that’s packed with fiber and vitamin C for excellent gut health and tissue health. Like apples, the seasonal favorite allows you to mix your pears with cinnamon and brown sugars recipes to create the ultimate fall dishes on a budget!

Ripeness can be found in the pleasant-smelling fragrance and a bit of softness near the stem. Keep a look out for discolored bruises because that can be a tell-tale sign that the pear is losing freshness. Store sliced pears and keep them looking delectable with the help of NatureSeal’s Fresh-Cut Produce Extender.


With late-spring and autumn seasonal periods, there’s a couple opportunities to save your money while buying up carrots. You can pack them for a healthy lunch or slice them up for a dinner side dish. Carrots offer benefits for eye health, that come from their vitamin A! 

Though we are all familiar with their rich orange appearance, you can find carrots in several different hues. In terms of freshness, you will want to make sure you pick up carrots that our firm, smooth, and without splits. With the added NatureSeal solution to the sliced vegetable, you can keep that vibrant glow lasting longer! 


Summertime vibes are not complete without peaches! Not only are they great for pie-making, but they have even while enjoying their anti-inflammatory benefits and magnesium. 

When looking for ripeness in peaches, you want to pick the peach with some yellow color. Obviously, peaches with dark spots and bruises need to be avoided.  Ripe peaches will also have a strong fragrance to them. When planning out your next peach dish, make sure to use NatureSeal on the slices so you can have them fresh for longer! 



There’s a fruit that never really goes out of style, and that’s the year-round Avocado. Eaten raw or mixing them into a family-favorite guacamole, avocados can benefit digestion and loaded with healthy nutrients.

Checking under the stem of an avocado is the key to knowing if it is ripe or not. If the stem can be peeled with ease and the color is green on the avocado, you are in luck! If it’s discolored or if the steam isn’t removed easily, it’s probably not the avocado you want to take home. You can keep the healthy color for longer with NatureSeal after you start slicing them up.  

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