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5 Tips to Prepare for Back to School

It’s already the second week of August! You know what that means… the kids will be going back to school before you know it. Look out, busy times ahead!
Back to school can be overwhelming, but taking the time to plan your transition is well worthwhile. Here are 5 tips to get you ready for back to school:

1. Prepare your kids by beginning a more routine sleep schedule. Follow these guidelines for healthy sleeping habits:

2. Save time by preparing breakfast and lunch for the week. Now you can meal prep without the worry of browning fruits and veggies, with a simple hack that takes 1 minute:


3. Get creative with healthy after school snacks. Like this fun recipe for Apple Donuts.

4. Get some favorite recipes together to plan your week for breakfast. Start with these: 39 Reasons Why You have Time for Breakfast:

5. Involve your kids in the meal prep process. They have a better understanding and appreciation of the food, while learning the value of nutrition.

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What other steps do you take to prepare yourself and your kids for back to school? Comment below.