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3 Tips to Stay Healthy During the Summer

Summer is a time when you can enjoy the outdoors. Picnics, swimming pools, hiking, gardening… no matter what your pleasure, it’s important that you remember these 3 rules to keep your body healthy during the summer:

1. Drink Water

Pay attention to how much you’re drinking and what you’re drinking. Water and drinks that are low in sugar are optimal for staying hydrated. Avoid alcoholic drinks because alcohol dehydrates your body. When you’re outdoors, be sure to drink 2-4 cups per hour, as you are losing water through sweat and need to replenish.
Add cut fruits and herbs to your water for flavor. Here are 52 varieties for you to try! Remember you can prep your fruit ahead of time without the worry of browning.

2. Eat Fruit and Vegetables

Another way that you can stay hydrated is by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables. This will help you get those recommended 8 daily glasses of water. Why? According to an article titled, 15 Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated, “Roughly 20% of our daily H2O intake comes from solid foods, especially fruits and vegetables.” Did you know that cucumbers have the highest water content of any solid food?

Portion your fruit and veggie snacks for the week for your busy, on-the-go lifestyle. Fresh is simple!

3. Get Active

It’s the perfect time to start up a walking or jogging routine. Enjoy the outdoors while you can. Just follow these safety suggestions:

• Exercise during the morning or evening, when the temperatures aren’t as hot

• Wear sunscreen

• Protect your eyes with sunglasses (tips on choosing sunglasses for ultimate protection)

• Be sure to drink water during your workout to stay hydrated

What other ways do you stay healthy during the summer? Comment below or visit our Twitter page and tweet us using the hashtag #HealthySummer.