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3 Steps to Get Back on a Healthy Track After a Holiday

After a long holiday weekend, you may need to regain some structure in your healthy lifestyle. Holidays can be tempting and you may have indulged more than you normally would. It’s ok, everyone deserves to indulge sometimes. What’s important is that you realize the importance of moderation and that you have a plan to reinstate your healthy practices once the holiday is over. Here are 3 tips that you can follow to get yourself back on track:

1. Eat on a Schedule

Back to work or school means that you can plan your meals accordingly. A schedule allows you to eat at recommended times so that your metabolism can work optimally. That means that you should be eating breakfast within an hour of waking and that you should eat every 3-5 hours. Kick start your metabolism early in the morning and then maximize your metabolism throughout the day by eating healthy snacks, lean proteins, recommended servings of fruits and vegetables, etc. If you need a play by play of what your eating schedule should look like throughout the day, follow this guide.


2. Hydrate

The health benefits of drinking water are infinite. Our bodies are made up of over two thirds water, so keeping hydrated is very important for overall health. According to the article, The Health Benefits of Water, we lose water “through breathing, sweating and digestion [and] it’s important to rehydrate by drinking fluids and eating foods that contain water.” Warm weather conditions, physical activity and illness are other factors that you must consider when deciding on your hydration strategy. Did you know that you can mistake hunger for dehydration? Plus, water helps optimize your metabolism. Read the article to find out more of the many benefits of water.


3. Exercise

Burn off some of those extra calories by getting in some physical activity. Where do you find the time? Well there are benefits depending on when you can squeeze in that workout. People who work out in the morning gets your metabolism working for peak performance throughout the day. Plus, getting your workout done before the pressures of the day begin seems to make a morning exercise session a great idea. People who work out in the morning seems to be more consistent because it is one of the first things that gets done, before the pressures of the day can interfere. There are other benefits to exercising at other times of the day too. Find out what those benefits are by reading, What's the Best Time to Exercise?

Hack to Save Time by Prepping Healthy Snacks

Want to save some time during the week? You can prep and portion healthy fruit and vegetable snacks for the whole week by adding NatureSeal for Home Use to your list. As you put away your groceries, cut your fresh produce into bite-sized snacks, dip for one minute in a blend of vitamins and minerals, drain and place into a sealed bag in the refrigerator. Your family has grab and go, snacks for the whole week, without the worry of browning or change in flavor or texture of the fruit or vegetable. Talk about convenience! This hack is the simple way to give your family healthy options for your busy lifestyle.

What other steps do you take to get back to healthy after a holiday indulges? Comment below.